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Turning Tips

Jigs, Tools and Techniques

Methods and Jigs for Reverse Turning Bowls, John Lucas (PDF file) Downloaded courtesy of John Lucas, Cumberland Woodturners - Crossville, TN

Jig for drilling holes for stool legs - Alan Leland Photo 1 - Photo 2 (JPEG files)

Turning Tool Handles, Ron McKinley - PDF file

Tapping Tool for Turners, James Duxbury - from American Woodturner (Dec 2010) - PDF file

Color-Coded Chuck Templates, James Duxbury - from Woodturning Design (Winter 2010) - PDF file

Pen Assembly Press, James Duxbury - from Woodturning Design (Fall 2007) - PDF file

Pen Assembly Press Improvement, James Duxbury - from Woodturning Design (Fall 2008) - PDF file

The Zin of Finishing Revieled, David Woodruff & Michael Jones 2011- PDF file

Sharpening Systems - Tutorial, Jim Terry 2017 - PDF file

DIY Threading Fixtures, Jerry Jones 2019 - PDF file

Bowl With Undercut Rim, Earl Martin 2019 - PDF file



Tops handout from April 2006, Jim Duxbury (PDF file)

Spherical Bowl Ladles, Bob Muir (PDF file)

Inside Out Turning, Bob Muir (PDF file)

Miniature Stool, Alan Leland (PDF file) Note: On page 1 under Materials leg length should be 6 1/2" to 7 3/4"

Full-size Three-legged Stools, Alan Leland (PDF file)Note: On page 1 under Materials wood for braces should be 2" x 2"

Turning Spherical Balls, Dennis Ross - (PDF file)

Multi-Axis Spindle Turning, Barbara Dill - (PDF file)

Long Neck Hollowform, Jim Terry 6-3-08 demo - PDF file

Turning Finials and Ornaments, Bob Moffett 9-2-08 demo - PDF file

Turning and Detailing Platter Bases, Frank Penta - PDF file

Snowman Ornaments - Bob Baucom - PDF file

Basic Closed Segment Turning, John Morris - PDF file

Inside-Out Ornaments, Wayland Loftin - PDF file

Traveling Tool Tote, James Duxbury, from Woodturning Design (Spring 2009) PDF file

Turn-A-Pot Tool, James Duxbury - from Woodturning Design (Spring 2008)

Helex Cutting on Goblets - Jack Reyome (Aug 2011) - PDF file

Carving Spirals in a Bowl - Bob Moffett (Oct 2011) - PDF file

Square Bowl - Joe Herrmann (Nov 2011) - PDF file

Rolling Pin - Bob Verne (Mar 2012) - PDF file

Turning a Peppermill - Nim Batchelor (May 2012) - PDF file

Profile Turning - Jim Barbour (June 2012) - PDF file

Outline for Natural Edge - Chuck Waldroup (Feb 2013) - PDF file

The Birdhouse Ornament - Alan Leland (Oct 2013) - PDF

Designing and Turning Finials - Jim Terry (June 2014) - PDF

Turning Penguin & Chick Ornaments - Bob Baucom (Sep 2015) PDF

Alan Carter - Split Bowl Demo   Goblets Demo   Thin Stem Demo

                    Homemade Calipers   Drilling Fixture   Stuff Every Shop Should Have

                    Websites of Interest to Woodturners

Segmented Bowl Const. - Bob Schasse May 2016 - Presentation PDF, Excel Ring Calculator, Excel Graph

Sharpening Sysem - Homemade - PDF

Turning Small Squarish Dished Platters - John K. Jordan (May 2018) PDF

A new take on Angel Ornaments - John Lucas (August 2018) PDF


Breathe Easy - from Woodturning Design - Spring 2004

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