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October 2008 Instant Gallery

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All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA

Jim Terry - Ornaments - Yew, Sea Urchin, Maple

Carter Deaton - Beach Bowl

Carter Deaton - Beach Bowl

Carter Deaton - Walnut Ornament

Gene Briggs - Walnut Bowl

Gene Briggs - Cherry Bowl

Thea Gutierrez - Sea Urchin, Box Elder Ornament

Gabby Gutierrez - Sea Urchin, Bloodwood Ornament

Bob Moffett - Walnut, Yellowheart Box

Richard Coates - Box Elder Bowl

Lisa Mason - Cherry, Walnut Vase

Joe Nelson - Cherry Vase

Joe Nelson - White Oak Burl Base

Joe Nelson - White Oak Bowl

Alfred Thomas - Oak Burl Bowl

Alfred Thomas - Sourwood Vase

Linda Micheal - Platter Pyrography

Earl Kennedy - Turkey Call

Earl Kennedy - Candle Sticks

Earl Kennedy - Ornament

Jack Walters - Mahogany Vase

Jack Walters - Canarywood Bowl

Doc Green - Plum Bowl w/ Fineal & Tops

Doc Green - Thickness Gauges

Jim Barbour - Bubinga Plate w/ inlay

Jim Barbour - Bubinger Toothpick Holder

Bruce Schneeman - Oak Burl Hollowform

Bruce Schneeman - Camphor Hollowform

George Sudermann - Cedar Bowl

George Sudermann - Maple, Turquoise Plate

George Sudermann - Maple, Turquoise Bowl

Jim Yarbrough - Spalted Cherry Nighlight

Jeff Clark - Maple Bowl

Jeff Clark - Maple Bowl

Jeff Clark - Maple Bowl

Jim Duxbury - Bloodwood, Canarywood Kaleidoscope

Jim Duxbury - Lacewood, Maple Kaleidoscope

Casey Glosser - Bradford Pear Bowl, Cherry Foot

Doc Green - Platter with Top

Segmented Balls with no endgrain showing

Red Saunders - Bowl

Red Saunders - Hollowform

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