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March 2010 Instant Gallery

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All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA

Dennis Ross - Cherry Hollow Form w/ Handles

Jim Terry - Bradford Pear Vase

Jim Terry - Bradford Pear Vase

Dennis Ross - Cherry Hollow Form w/ Handles

Clyde Mosley - Ambrosia Maple Fruit Bowl

George Sudermann - Bowl w/ Blue Opel Fluoride Inlay

George Sudermann - Walnut Bowl w/ Turquoise Inlay

George Sudermann - Cedar Bowl w/ Turquoise Inlay

Julian McCarthy - Osage Orange Plate w/ Butternut Inlays

Jim Tuttle - White Pine Hollow Form

Earl Kennedy - Rubber Tree Fluted Box

Jim Yarbrough - Myrtlewood Bowl

Bert Rau - Layered Bloodwood/Sycamore Bowl

Bert Rau - Layered Cherry/Spalted Pecan Bowl

Buzz Dunning - "Shotgun Shell" Bottle Stoppers

Scot Conklin - Buckeye Burl Apollo Infinity Pen

Scot Conklin - Irish Bog Oak (5000 yr old) Pen & Pencil

Pat Lloyd - Cherry Crotch Bowl

Bob Moffett - Cherry Bowl

Buzz Dunning - Ambrosia Maple Shallow Bowl

Jason Park - Buckeye Hollow Form

Earl Kennedy - Green Dyed Bowl

Nim Batchelor - Hard Maple Spatula

Nim Batchelor - Hard Maple Wok Spatula

Bob Moffett - Walnut Bowl

Pat Lloyd - Walnut Crotch Ogee Bowl

John Morris - Cherry & Corian Pens

Bruce Schneeman - Oak Platter

Bruce Schneeman - Maple Platter

Jim Barbour - Big Leaf Maple Burl Natural Edge Platter

Jim Yarbrough - Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Earl Kennedy - Construction Lumber Bowl

Linda Michael - Pyrography on Sycamore Bowl

Jim Duxbury - Ash Threader

Bob Moffett - Maple Box w/ Fineal

Carter Deaton - Blue Maple Threaded Box

Cam Lane - Sassafras "Lazarus" Vase

Michael Jones - Cherry/Walnut Segmented Vase

Carter Deaton - Maple Burl Natural Edge Vase

Red Saunders - Hollow Form w/ Finial

Red Saunders - Hollow Form w/ Finial

Julien McCarthy - Maple Urn w/ Turquoise Inlay

Floyd Lucas - Yellow Segmented Hollow Form

Floyd Lucas - Blue Segmented Hollow Form

Bill Earles - Walnut/Redheart Peppermills

Dave McInnes - Walnut, Birch, Purpleheart, , Oak, Tigerwood Candle Stick

Jim Tuttle - Walnut/Maple Stool

Michael Jones - Walnut/Maple Sculpture

Challenge Gallery - Make something from a 3/4 x 4 inch dowel pin

Bob Moffett - Hollowform

Bob Moffett - Hollowform

Floyd Lucas - Rolling Pin

John Moehlmann - "Days of Wine & No Roses"

Earl Kennedy - Hollowform & Fineal

Earl Kennedy - Race Car

Barry Lewis - Crayons

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