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March 2008 Instant Gallery

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view in a separate window.

All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA

Bob Hall - Natural Edge Cherry Bowl

Jim Yarbrough - Maple Hollow Form

Dennis Ross - Hackberry Hollow Form

Carter Deaton - Natural Edge Cherry Oval Bowl

Gene Briggs - Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Dennis Ross - Maple Hollow Form

Gene Briggs - Mahogany Toothpick Holder

Carter Deaton - Curley Maple Plate

Carter Deaton - Dogwood Stump

Carter Deaton - Dogwood Stump base

Glen Marceil - Andiroba Wood Sculpture

Glen Marceil - Andiroba Wood Sculpture view 2

Glen Marceil - Andiroba Wood Sculpture view 3

Bob Hall - Cherry Bowl

Dennis Ross - Yellow Hackberry Bowl

Pat Lloyd - Cherry Bowl

Linda Michael - Sea Shell Bowl

Earl Kennedy - White Pine Bowl

Earl Kennedy - White Pine Bowl view 2

Earl Kennedy - Dyed Hollow Form

Linda Michael - Turquoise Bowl

Linda Michael - Flower Vase

Earl Kennedy - Lidded Box with Finial

Dannie Bingman - Maple Top

Bill Voss - Walnut & Maple Segmented Bowl

Rick Buck - Cocobolo Drumstick

Joe Nelson - Boxelder Pitcher with Bent Wood Handle

Joe Nelson - Hollow Form

Larry Dodson - Pen Assortment

John Morris - Dyed Pine Segmented Vase

John Morris - Unfinished Pine Open Segment Vase

John Morris - Unfinished Pine Closed Segment "Water Jug"

John Morris - Unfinished Open Segment Pine "Strawberry"

Mike Murray - Southern Pine & Ebony Pen

Bob Moffett - Osage Orange Bowl

Bob Moffett - Walnut Hollow Form

Jack Walters - Curly Maple & Cocobolo Hollow Form

George Sudermann - Cyprus Bowl

Jim Terry - Cherry Burl Bowl

Jim Terry - Spalted Maple Hollow Form

Jim Terry - Maple Square Bowl

James Duxbury - Liptus & Yellowheart Kaleidoscope

Lan Brady - Rosewood Bowl - I bought it from a turner in Masaya, Nicaragua. Made on a homemade lathe. Turned start to finsh with a scraper.

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