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January 2010 Instant Gallery

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All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA

Jim Yargrough - Spalted Birdseye Maple Bowl

Chris Roe - Gusracoste Ice Cream Scoop

Ron Roe - Spalted Tamarand Confetti Lights

Phil Fuentes - Crepe Myrtle Bowl

Phil Fuentes - Mahogany Bowl

Harold Jones - Oak Hollow Form

Bruce Schneeman - Bradford Pear Hollow Form

Bruce Schneeman - Maple Hollow Form

George Sudermann - Maple/Ebony Desk Pen

George Sudermann - Box Elder, Ambrosia Maple, Norway Maple Pens

Mike Thompson - Natural Edge Elm Bowl

Mike Thompson - Norway Maple Burl Vase

Jim Tuttle - Mistletoe Burl Vase

Jim Tuttle - Walnut Vase

Jeff Clark - Magnolia Bowl

Jeff Clark - Box Elder Bowl

Butch Hadley - Sea Urchin & Maple Ornaments

Butch Hadley - Sea Urchin & Maple Ornament

Scott Conklin - All Types Acrylic Pens

Bert Rau - Spalted Sycamore Plate

Bert Rau - Spalted Sycamore Bowl

Earl Kennedy - Cutting Board

Earl Kennedy - Minatures

Linda Michael - Pyrography Plaque

Larry Dodson - Crab Apple Bowl

Larry Dodson - Kwanzam Cherry Bowl

Jon Cowgill - Maple Boxes

Mike Cooper - Mesquite Top

Mike Cooper - Redwood Bowl

Mike Cooper Burled Maple Bowl

Pat Lloyd - Curly Black Maple Bowl

Pat Lloyd - Curly Black Maple Cup

John Morris - Various Wine Stoppers

James McSawley - Lidded Box

Red Saunders - Large Bowl w/ Turquoise Inlay

President's Challenge

Bob Moffett - From Maple Block

Jim Yarbrough - Ambrosia Maple & Walnut Box

George Sudermann - Maple Burl Dragon Box

James Duxbury - Sycamore Spiral Vessel

Jeff Clark - Plum Box

Larry Dodson - Maple & Walnut Goblets

Joe Ghezzi - Maple Bird House Box

Mike Cooper - Purpleheart Box

Harold Jones - Cup & Scoop

Harold Jones - Pierced Maple Hollow Form

Jack Johnson - Green Christmas Ornament

Joe Ghezzi - Oak Box

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