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January 2007 Instant Gallery

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All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA


Paige Cullen, Acrylic Toni Twist Pen

Paige Cullen, Box Elder Bowl

Paige Cullen, Redwood Bottle Stopper

Paige Cullen, Zebrawood Bottle Stopper

Tim Smith, Red Oak Angels

Paige Cullen, Butternut Pouring Spout

Tim Smith, Pecan Pencil & Paperclip Cups

Tim Smith, Tulip Poplar Angel

John Morris, Maple/Cedar 3 Layer Open & Cosed Segment Bowl

Tim Smith, Tulip Poplar Pencil Cups

Glen Marceil, Walnut Bowl

Butch Hadley, Briarwood & Maple Ornament

Jim Schoenard, Honey Locust, Walnut & Maple Segmented Bowl

Jon Cowgill, Ambrosia Maple Box

Bob Moffett, Walnut & Maple Box

Bob Moffett, Poplar Box

Joel Hunnicutt, Dyed Maple Segmented Vessel

Earl Kennedy/Linda Michael, Maple Bowl w/ Pyrography

Linda Michael, Tray w/ Pyrography

Jim Duxbury, Maple & Mahogany Back Scratcher

Earl Kennedy, Snowman Pen

Earl Kennedy/Linda Michael, Dyed Hollow Form

Lan Brady, Minature Turning (3/4 inch)

Mike Evans, Chestnut Nut Bowl

Bruce Schneeman, Walnut & Maple Lidded Bowl

Jim Duxbury, Poplar Jockey Shorts

Bert Rau, Layered Bowl

Bert Rau, Layered Bowl

Bert Rau, Layered Bowl

Bert Rau, Layered Bowl

Earl Kennedy, Sycamore Hat

Joe Schneider, Yellowheart & Maple Segmented Bowl

Bruce Schneeman, Hollowing Tool

Earl Kennedy, Hat Bending Form

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