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February 2016 Instant Gallery

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Lan Brady - Turner of the Month 5" Cherry Sead Pot

Harry Sample - 14" "The Arc" Split Bowl

Bob Blanchard - 6" Maple, Cherry Split Bowl

Nim batchelor - 12" Manogany Salad Bowl

Phil Fuentes - Mahogany Tall Turned Box

Phil fuentes - Short Turned Box

Earl Kennedy - Sea Shell/ Sharks Teeth Scoop

Earl Martin - Off Center Colored Bowl

Linda Michael - Pear Pyro Bowl

Linda Michael - Maple Pyro Square Bowl

Frank Crotts - Spalted Maple Bowl

Arnold Beauchamp - 10" Maple, Cherry, Walnut Segmented Bowl

arnold Beauchamp - 15" Maple, Cherry, Walnut Segmented Platter

George Sudermann - 8" Maple/Ebony Goblet

George Sudermann - 8" Maple/Ebony Goblet

George Sudermann - 7" Cherry Burl Bowl

Earl Kennedy - Model of Earl's Future Hot Rod

Bob Moffett - 7" Topak/Maple Celtic Knot Tool Handle

George Sudermann - Mulberry Pens

Bob Moffett - 6" Ash/Liming Wax Christmas Tree

Earl Martin - - 7" Ambrosia Maple Plate

Bob Schasse - 7" Segmented Bowl

Bob Schasse - 7" Quilted Maple Split Bowl

Chris Leader - 4" Vase & Flowers Redheart, Osage Orange, Redheart, Tulipwood

Robert DeHart - 7" Alder, Walnut, Maple, Sasafrass Vase

Goeff Purser - Tulip Poplar Hollow Form

Lonnie Nagle - Pens & Lidded Box

Jim Yarbrough - 6" Walnut Coat Tree

Bob Schasse - 9" Segmented Bowl

Bob Schasse 10" Segmented Bowl

Harry Sample - "Red" Ash Heart of Gold

Earl Kennedy - Brecelet & Jewlery Box

Jerry Jones - Pen & Neckless Pendant

Geoff Purser - Red Hollow Form

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