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August 2012 Instant Gallery

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All photographs are the property of the turner and PTWA

Robert Lunsford - 10" Hickory Vessel

Jim Yarbrough - 5" Ambrosia Maple

Robert DeHart - Maple/Walnut

Robert Dehart - Pine (2x4)

Earl Martin - Maple Awl

Floyd Lucas - Segmented Maple Vase

Dean Hutchins - Ambrosia Maple

Clyde Mosley - Ash

Dave MacInnes - 4" Lidded Bowl

Jim Raine - Maple Urn

George Sudermann - Myrtle

Linda Michael - Poplar

Earl Kennedy - Natural Edge Cherry

Clyde Mosley - Poplar Tray

Clyde Mosley - Poplar Tray

Charles Pitts - Bottle Stoppers

Jim Rezin - 3M Elm Bowl

Jim Rezin - Red Oak Bowl

Mike Thompson - Rosewood & Red Gum Deer Calls

John Morris - Padauk & Curly Maple

John Morris - Padauk & Poplar

Chuck Waldroup - 13" Scolloped Sycamore

Gary Robinson - 35" Ash Bat

Nim Batchelor - 15" Maple Platter

Nim Batchelor - Maple Electronic Box

Crystal Early - 4" Cypress Knot Bowl

Philip Weatherbee - 12" Segmented

Philip Weatherbee - Segmented

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